Life is really RUFF unless you have a Pomeranian to enjoy & love!
***SPECIAL NOTICE*** Our friend, Ashley's Male Pomeranian "Gizmo" went missing on 6/21. If anyone has any information, please contact Ashley at 530-262-8551.
Past Puppy                 
Welcome from Susan of PomsRPrecious & Renae of Riveira Poms @www.riveirapoms.com!  We specialize in Teddy-Bear Faced, Quality Pomeranians!  We're two separate families working together to produce Tiny faces, Big coats, sound temperaments, and healthy Show Potential Pom babies.  Our Pomeranians are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and are from Top champion lines.  We have 4 females at each home (3 of which are show dogs) and 2 males each.  Our Poms are our pets, first and foremost.
Our Poms live with us as our "fur" family members in pet-friendly, Home environments.  They watch TV with us, travel with us, and eat with us. Renae's family is in Northern CA and Susan's is in the San Francisco Bay Area.     
Tucker - Available
Poms are our Passion!
Animals have brought health to our bodies and laughter & joy in our lives so we want to share that with others!  
Past Puppies
We place our show-potential Poms in the show ring. Sometimes, we have puppies to place locally into loving pet homes. Our puppies are sold with AKC limited registration proving their purebred status.
We produce ALL colors except Merle.  We are thrilled and privileged to have some of the Best Champion & Grand Champion Sired adults in the country. We produce Toy size pups (4-7lbs) but occasionally have smaller pups depending on the breeding pair. AKC does not recognize the classification of "teacup".  That term refers to a puppy under the 4lb standard. Contrary to some, Pomeranians do not have triple coats; they have double coats (a thick undercoat and a top coat). We carefully select our breeding/show adults based on their health (with no known genetic issues like bad hips or patellas or diseases), champion pedigrees, correct conformation, and STDs-free.
What Buyers Get
A puppy is an investment of time, money, and forever care so buy wisely and from a reputable breeder. When a puppy leaves us for their new home, please realize they have been with us every day for 8+ weeks. We make sure the Mothers are nursing, and the puppies are kept warm, dry and clean.  Sometimes supplemental hand-feeding with a syringe is required.  Post-weaning, food is available to them 24/7 to prevent low blood sugar, otherwise known as hypoglycemia, a preventable condition but, left untreated, can be fatal to puppies.  We also give them goats milk mixed with water.  They are handled with love, bathed, groomed, supervised, and also model for pictures!  So... your puppy has already had a LOT of care/attention before they go to you.  Please take the time to read our Page on "Preparing for Your Puppy" so you are also equipped to care for your delicate little puppy.  Your puppy should be introduced into your home Slowly, not played with constantly, because they are still tiny babies requiring adequate rest and access to food/water at all times. 
Your pupppy will also come:
  • vet examined
  • current on shots
  • dewormed
  • dewclaws removed (optional) 
  • flea treatment applied 
  • heartworm prevention applied
  • 1-year genetic health guarantee
  • 30 days of Free illness/injury insurance with no waiting period
  • coupon for a 1st FREE vet exam worth $68
  • AKC Litter Certificate
  • AKC (limited) registration papers
  • Complete Puppy Care package, for local buyers; cannot ship packages
Example puppy package
We are also committed to giving every new owner the benefit of our experience as the puppy's transitions from our house to theirs.
People often ask us what happens to our adult Pomeranians once they retire.  We either keep them as our own pets, if space allows, or re-home them to loving families for cost of spay or neuter. See our ADULTS Page to see if we have any adults to retire!
Because of new laws, pet sales must be face to face; you can drive or fly to get your pet puppy; however, we Can ship to another small breeder, using a private In-Cabin transportor; absolutely no cargo.
For your convenience, we offer ground transportation as far south as Bakersfield and as far north as Redding for $25 an hour One way. We do not charge for the round-trip.
~Enjoy Your Visit!
 in memory of those we loved and lost
Note:  Pomeranian pictured in our heading (Trinket) was from our own breeding and is showing in Hong Kong.
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