MY GUIDING VERSE:  Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future!"  

Life is really RUFF unless you have a Pomeranian to enjoy & love!

(These are puppies from past breedings)
This is to show you my Poms have stood the QUALITY test of time. They are STILL beautiful as older puppies and young adults!

 Axel SOLD
Welcome to PomsRPrecious!! 
Hi, I'm Susan and live in the San Francisco East Bay of California (35 miles west of San Francisco). I am truly privileged to raise and show some beautiful Pomeranians, who are my Passion! I work with a few other good breeder friends in Northern and Central California too. My Poms are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and are from Top AKC champion lines. I specialize in Home-raised, QUALITY Pomeranians with Teddy-Bear or Babydoll faces, Big coats, sound temperaments, correct structure, and some show potential babies. I keep my numbers low so my Pom adults can live as pets, first and foremost.

Poms live as fur family members
in our home.  They watch TV with us, travel with us, play in our yard supervised, model for lots of pictures, and are a part of everyday activities.  I do not kennel my dogs, except for nursing mamas and their babies for their own protection.
Poms are our Passion!
Animals have brought health to my body and laughter & joy in my life so I want to share that with others! That's why I do what I do! They give back to us so much more than we could give in return.

Currently Showing: CHAMPION Arvizus' Big Daddy "Papi"  NEEDS 12 POINTS TO GRAND CHAMPION!   GO PAPI, GO!!

Some Poms go in the show ring and some are placed locally into pet homes. Puppies are sold with AKC limited registration proving their purebred status; full AKC (show/breeding rights) is at my discretion and based upon the Pom's show/breeding potential and future home environment. 

I produce all colors except Merle and carefully select breeding/show adults based on their Health, champion pedigrees, correct conformation, and STDs-free.  I produce Toy size pups, 4lbs to 7lbs, but occasionally (and unintentionally) have smaller pups depending on the breeding pair. AKC does not recognize the classification of "teacup".  That term refers to a puppy under the 4lb standard and is used as "a word picture". Pomeranians have double coats (a thick undercoat and a top coat), not triple coats.

People often ask me what happens to adult Pomeranians once they retire. I either keep them as our family pets, if space allows, or re-home them inexpensively to loving families.

Every Dog Deserves a Good Home! I do my part to help any animal in need; if I can't volunteer, then I donate supplies and/or money to rescues. 

Because of new laws, pet sales must be face to face; buyers can drive or fly to get their pet puppy. I also provide Ground Transportation within reasonable distances for $25/hour, one way, to cover fuel.

~Enjoy Your Visit!

In memory of those loved and lost, Pepper, 19.5 years old.

***SPECIAL NOTICE***My friend, Ashley's Male Pomeranian "Gizmo" went missing from his home on 6/21/14. If anyone has any information, please contact Ashley at 530-262-8551. We will always look and never forget him.

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